Earn Weava Premium for Free with Referral Code

Sharing is caring – and we want to make it easier to refer Weava to your friends and colleagues – and we want to introduce benefits to you if you do! Therefore, we have created a unique referral ID code for all of you which you can access on your Account Details page on the Weava dashboard.

Weava Referral ID

You can share the referral ID with your friends and colleagues who can then input this during their signup to Weava (see image below).

If you invite 5 users to Weava – who signs up to Weava with your referral ID – you will receive 3 months of Weava Premium for free. Visit your Account Details page to find your unique referral code.

PS! The user you are inviting will need to insert the code in the following field during their signup process:

Weava referral code

This is just the first step of our process to enhance referral and we plan on bringing more features and benefits in the future – as well as possibly introducing benefits to the user who decides to use your referral code during their sign-up process, and more. However, please note that currently only the inviter receives the Weava Premium upgrade.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I see how many successful invites I have made?

There is currently no counter that shows how many successful users you have invited. However, please note that you will receive a free Weava Premium subscription after 5 successful invites.

How do I know if I have been successfully upgraded?

There is currently no notification for when you successfully get upgraded. Instead, you will have to check this yourself by navigating to the Weava dashboard and see if your account has been upgraded. An easy way to check this is to look for the “Weava Premium” tag in the top right corner of the Weava dashboard. You can also just try using Premium features to confirm that these work. We hope to have a more elegant solution to this in the future.

Can I extend my existing Premium subscription by inviting 5 users?

Please note that we currently do not have the solution in place for an existing Premium subscription to be extended by referring 5 or more users. Currently, our referral feature will have no effect for existing Premium users. We hope to have a more elegant solution to this in the future.

What happens if I successfully invite more than 5 users?

You can invite as many users as you like. However, please note that the 3-month free Weava Premium period does not increase with additional invites once you have gained Weava Premium.

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